Non-WAACCA Events

None at this time

Past Events

June 8, 2017: Membership Meeting: "L&I Electrical Program - Continued"

March 23, 2017: Membership Meeting: "L&I Electrical Program - What You Need to Know!"

January 26, 2017: Membership Meeting: "The Fight with PSE Continues."

November 17, 2016: Membership Meeting: "How the PSE fight turned out."

August 1, 2016: Utilities and Transportation Commission Hearing: members only

March 24, 2016: Membership Meeting: "Air Northwest HVAC Trade Ally Network Overview"

January 21, 2016: Information Meeting: Puget Sound Energy Proposals

November 13, 2015: UTC Meeting on PSE Proposals

October 22, 2015: PSE plans to enter HVAC industry | Are YOU Ready to Compete with PSE for YOUR Customers?

September 17, 2015: Labor Efficiency & Recruiting

WAACCA Mission

WAACCA exists to educate our members and support legislatively the HVACR industry, ensuring consumer quality and contractor success.

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