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HVACCA Mission

Washington HVACIA exists to educate our members and support legislatively the HVACR industry, ensuring consumer quality and contractor success.


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HVACCA is an action-oriented, professional association that offers quality, affordable benefits to its members.

Your membership and pledges go toward keeping this vitally important association alive and well. Your support allows us the funds to be able to continue to fight the good fight.

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  • Education Meetings & Access to Training
  • Industry Trend Awareness
  • Access to Industry Resources
  • Networking and Social Events
  • Community Involvement
  • Assist our members with issues with state regulatory agencies such as L&I and Employment Security
  • Political Presence in Olympia
  • IBA Membership Included

Membership Dues

  • $415: Contractor & Associate Annual Membership
  • $373.50 (10% discount for dues paid before February 15)

What is IBA?

Independent Business Associaton (IBA)- representng the interests of Washington's small businesses since 1974. IBA provides you a monthly newsleter on small business issues at the state, local, and federal levels fights higher taxes, bad labor laws, increased government regulatons and much more - including health care issues - a major IBA priority.

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For a printable Washington HVACCA Membership Application, complete and return your application with check made payable to HVACCA to:

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